Getting more followers on Instagram and Facebook for employer branding or recruitment purposes is already a common practice, but do you know exactly who is following you? Is it your neighbour’s niece or your grandma who wants to support you? And where does your content end up? It might as well get lost between cat video’s or boring sales forecasts, diluting the message you want to bring across to your target audience.

At we feel the pain of in-house recruiters – especially since we are a fast-growing organisation ourselves. As a recruiter, you meet hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of potential candidates per year: at recruitment events or at random occasions throughout the year – perhaps even in a bar at 2am on a Friday (who knows).

You meet those potential hires, collect their email addresses and put them in an Excel sheet to… eventually lose track of who is who. This leads to you failing to keep them engaged with you as an employer, turning your Excel sheet (that took so much time to put together) into a cold database of outdated information. After all, do you really think students will send you the most recent version of their CV to you, in pdf, every so many months?

“Connect with us on”

At we want to make life for in-house recruiters (and everyone else who works on attracting talent for their organisations) a little bit easier.. That is why we will introduce the “connect with us on” feature this month. This provides an easy and hassle-free solution that allows you to invite any student you meet to instantly join your network. When potential candidates click on your personal “connect” link (e.g., they will automatically connect with you as a potential future employer. Whether they already have a profile, or need to create one first, you’ll be able to easily keep track of them and keep them engaged with you as an employer. So whenever you need to fill an opportunity fast, you’ll already have connected, qualified and engaged pool of talent ready to tap into.

In this way, we combine the power of a job board with social media and help you get higher quality candidates, faster – the way.

Want to find out more? Just drop us a line at or ask one of our customer success managers.