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These are the top 25 most popular jobs among TU Delft students

As a student at TU Delft, it cannot have escaped your notice that technically educated students are in high demand across the job market. But with so many employers to choose from, it can be difficult to keep track of what all your possible options are. You might therefore have wondered before what all the other students around you are planning to do with their future. Luckily, here at we can see precisely which vacancies are most popular among students at TU Delft. You can find them here:

  1. Gupta Strategists – Strategist
  2. SparkOptimus – Associate
  3. Frisse Blikken – Frisse Project manager
  4. PMT Groep B.V. – Junior Consultant
  5. Oliver Wyman – Entry Level Consultant
  6. Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland – Air traffic controller
  7. Deloitte – Project Management Consultant
  8. M3 Consultancy – Associate Consultant Strategy & Operations
  9. IG&H – Business Analyst
  10. Bain & Company – Associate Consultant
  11. Respondenten – Project employee
  12. EVG Start – (ICT) Management Traineeship
  13. Traineepool MRA – Traineeship
  14. Fastned – Projectmanager Netherlands, Network development
  15. ITDS Business Consultants – Business Consultant Trainee
  16. AFAS Software – Consultancy Traineeship
  17. Avery Dennison – European Graduate Program – Commercial (Marketing & Sales)
  18. First Consulting – Junior Business Technology Consultant
  19. Magnus – Junior Business/IT Consultant
  20. Deloitte – Junior Consultant Business Process Management
  21. LevelUp Ventures – Startup Talent Hacker
  22. Holland Startup – Entrepreneur in Residence
  23. The Next Organization – Consultant Marketing Intelligence
  24. Simon-Kucher & Partners – Junior Strategy Consultant
  25. Newpublic – Traineeship Organization and Operations

Surprisingly, only a few jobs in this list are mainly technical. If you, as a technical / engineering / design student, want to know which technical and non-technical companies are interested in you, create a profile on today! There are so many vacancies online and hundreds of companies that are currently looking for technical talent.