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Theo Robson 🖤 MVF Global

Theo Robson Economics and Politics (BA), from University of Essex.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after University career-wise. I started to use sites like Milkround and Indeed to see what kind of jobs were out there for people like me. I also attended a few careers fairs at uni, and started Googling specific companies I had heard of before. After struggling to find anything I was particularly interested in, my roommate told me about I signed up and ditched the other sites.

After sitting me down and giving me a demonstration of how works, I signed up and never looked back! On I saw opportunities that I would have never even realised I was qualified for before. And also loads of companies I had never even heard of. I saw companies that wanted to connect with me, and I also had recruiters reaching out to me! Something I had never experienced before. This really boosted my confidence. Unlike other sites, was really visual and my profile created a really solid foundation of information for recruiters to get to know me before reaching out, this also provided conversation topics for later interviews.

After I initially got approached for the Junior Sales Executive graduate job by MVF Global, I did some research to make sure it was a company I would fit in at. I already had some experience doing sales and decided it was something I enjoyed and definitely wanted to continue in. MVF Global seemed like a great place to do this. MVF Global was rated as the number one place to work in London by The Times, and after going through the interview process I could definitely see why.