The ugly truth about dating and finding a job

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As a graduate you are typically involved in two important things: dating and finding a graduate job. Whether or not you have made the comparison before, one thing is quite clear; the ugly truth is that both have quite a bit of similarities. Therefore being the perfect date, not only helps you in the dating world but can also help you land the job you’re applying for. Here’s why…

Nowadays the first steps in any new relationship, whether personal or professional, happen online and often follow the same stages.

Stage 1: First impression

Although we hate to admit it, we all judge a book by its cover. Whether it’s while browsing through or flinging through Tinder, it’s that first impression that matters. Here are the three parts we base our judgments on when it comes to dating and finding a job.

1. Your profile picture

Does the candidate present him or herself in a way that is attractive? In dating, a good profile picture is obviously more essential than while trying to land your dream job, but it’s still very important to be aware of the fact that companies hire people, not CVs. Therefore, the importance of a representative profile picture shouldn’t be underestimated; after all it’s the first thing people see of you!

2. How they write about themselves

After passing the crucial first impression stage , the next thing that will be assessed  is how you talk about yourself. Are you clearly exaggerating your accomplishments or being too cliché? In general, we consider ‘enjoying long walks on the beach’ or ‘having extensive experience’ a bit unrealistic, especially if you are a first year bachelor student who’s never had a job other than babysitting or delivering pizzas.

3. Are you a good match?

What we mean by a good match is not limited to liking the same movies or being each other’s type but also includes having goals that mesh well together. If you claim to pursue a career in investment banking but refuse to work long hours, you might want to re-evaluate your desired career path.

Stage 2: The first face-to-face encounter

Everyone is familiar with the anxiety right before a first date or job interview. As the conversation starts to flow and the ice is broken, your expectations and first impressions are either confirmed or denied: “Hmm, their profile says they’re social but they clearly do not know how to have a conversation” or: “Wow they really weren’t lying when they said they were outgoing! He just couldn’t stop talking!”

Regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative the first face-to-face encounter is always exciting, and when both parties have a positive attitude about the experience, the next step can be taken.

Stage 3: Taking the next step

We’re all familiar with the phrase taking the next step, whether referring to dating or finding a job. Once both parties have decided that they are interested in building a future together this process begins. As rules are established and as you familiarize yourself with one another things develop…

Stage 4: Cutting things off

There comes a time in some relationships, where things just don’t seem to work anymore;  a conflict, spending hours on things that just don’t work out, and then it happens… you break up!

No matter if you’re the employee breaking the bad news to your boss or if you’re about to break someone’s heart – this situation is never fun. Quitting your job, getting fired or being dumped are things no one enjoys.

Thankfully, as time passes, hearts heal and new matches will magically happen. After everything is forgotten, you can finally move on and go through the entire process all over again, until you finally find that one person or company that offers you what you were looking for.

But don’t worry! Finding your perfect match has never been so easy. Nowadays you get invited and can decide whether someone on Tinder, or a company on, will get the opportunity to get to know you. So what are you waiting for? The perfect match is only one click away: See who’ll invite you.

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