The life of an intern at

The life of an intern at

It’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun… I mean working hard

After 12 months of being on placement at it’s hard to find the right words to summarise everything. Let’s start at the beginning. I’m still not really sure how I ended up here to be honest. A lucky message at the right time through the website, like “Heeeey I’m totally down to work for you guys if any non-dutch speaking roles come up”…

My feelings for one year at Magnet.mePretty much exactly how I feel about the last year. (@ The 5 Year Anniversary Party)

So after expressing my interest on, for (inception?), Vincent sent me an invitation for a Skype call for my first interview. I managed to totally mess up the timing and ended up calling him a day earlier than I was supposed to, with a serious hangover and definite lack of sleep (some kind of prophecy for the year ahead, clearly). He was in Gatwick airport at the time and I’m pretty sure the tannoy worked in my favour. As I started to babble some rubbish, we were politely interrupted with “EasyJet flight EZY-6789 to Athens, please make your way to gate 36”. Cheers EasyJet. HR RepresentOur ever sober and always boring head of HR. The man, the myth, the legend… Wilson.

I somehow survived the first chat, and one of the things that stuck out in my mind was the ‘work hard, play hard culture’ Vincent was telling me about. That and how he’d once been surfing with Jack O’Neill – a year later and he’s still name dropping. He’s switched it up to Prince Harry now…

Anyway, we’ve definitely worked hard and played harder. Sure, there’s been numerous occasions that I’ve been working in the office past 9pm but we have without a doubt played hard to compensate. Who would have thought i’d be in the office until 2am on a Friday night playing beer pong? HR RepresentBeer pong dream team.

On a (slightly) more serious note – it’s been a blast. Having the responsibility to fully plan and execute my owns ideas and projects has been something I definitely wouldn’t have thought would happen on my placement year. I may have spent a year making sure that there’s always cold beer in the fridge for Friday afternoons – next intern, take note – but I definitely haven’t spent a year just making tea and coffee. Christmas Christmas Party.

They say everything always works out in the end – and I think this year has proven that. After applying for a business role in the NHS and other multinationals placement schemes, and getting tripped up at the last hurdle. I now realise how lucky that was. I can’t imagine that I would have learnt half of what I have here, or enjoyed it half as much as I did. I’m not sure I could have found a working environment that suited me more than it did here at

Fietsclub de MagneetFietsclub de Magneet.

Other than learning a hell of a lot more than I would have thought, about loads of different areas of the business – I also tried to learn some essential vocabulary. Just the basics for talking to your colleagues… naturally:

  • Paardelul – paard = horse, lul=cock… work it out.
  • Klootzak – arsehole.
  • Sukkel – loser, often preceded by ‘domme’ = stupid.
  • Ik heb honger – I’m hungry.
  • Doe normaal – act normal.
  • Kom op jongens – come on guys.
  • Ik ben een blij ei – I’m a happy egg.
  • Hou je bek – shut up. ski

There’s been some great trips, both for work (to London) and pleasure (Austria – ski trip), as well as some great parties, post work BBQ’s and FriMibos. It’s been great to be part of such a close knit company. Where having fun is almost as high up the agenda as working hard. Hats off to everybody that created the culture, it’s something I think I’ll struggle to find again and have been lucky to be a part of.

I might also struggle to find somewhere where it’s totally acceptable to shout at your boss (and be shouted back at) – if you do it in Dutch. Kinda fun. Note to self – probably don’t try this anywhere else – not sure many bosses would appreciate “Hou je bek, paardelul”.

At least when I go home I won’t be judged for putting milk in my tea anymore.

Over and out Rotterdam.

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