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The life of an intern at

Before I started my internship at, I thought interning meant doing coffee runs, filing endless amounts of what seems irrelevant paperwork and making notable mistakes, such as almost starting the company’s first ever building fire… Ten months & nine days on, it has been an internship of meaningful experiences and constant learning… with notable mistakes here and there (thankfully have fire extinguishers on site!!).

The Growth Team

So how did this all start? How did a first year university student from Ireland find himself in the city of Rotterdam? Safe to say, even I’m somewhat thrown by it.

I guess my journey started when I was a first year student at university after attending a talk given by Vincent on After hearing all he had to say about the product, the company and their ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude to work I thought, this might be worth looking into! So I did just that, signing up to and sending a very formal enquiry entitled ‘To whom it may concern’ ha.

A day had passed and received a message from Vincent with an invitation to a Skype call. There’s not many people that are capable of messing up their Skype interview and I almost managed just that with some minor technical issues. So after establishing why the microphone wasn’t working,  I managed to get through the interview.

Notably, my first ever career guide posted on the website was on how to ace a Skype interview… You can read my best tips here 😉

This is what the Dutch call an uitje…

So, after all this, I was offered an internship at The end of my first year then consisted of me searching for accommodation in Rotterdam, looking into all the to do’s that needed to be done before I can move to Rotterdam and googling ‘where is Rotterdam?’… I had Denmark in my head. My Dutch geography has improved since!

Nothing can prepare you for the start of an internship, especially when it’s in a different country and starts in the middle of the Dutch summer… who knew the Netherlands was capable of hitting 30 degrees for 6 consecutive weeks.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me about their experiences interning at different companies and every one is different. But the one biggest takeaways from this experience has been the responsibility I have been given across more than just marketing that has helped shaped my learning in a way that I couldn’t have expected.

From executing my own ideas, flying back and forth to London (Schiphol Airport looks at its best at 6 am), to meeting other growth & marketing teams in some of the biggest companies here in the Netherlands. It’s safe to say that the investment into my learning has been something I have been very grateful of.

When the growth team met the Coolblue growth team. Coolblue is a huge online retailer

Growth Tribe’s two newest members (free beers included)

In addition to what I have learnt, I can leave somewhat fluent in Dutch (fluent to those that don’t speak Dutch). Something not many Irish people can boast about. From introducing myself to everyone as “Ik ben Peter” – “I am Peter”, to the over usage of the word Lekker… to my personal favourite “nietsnut” a word I learnt when at my first Feyenoord match which roughly translated means “a good for nothing, useless person”…

From company bbq’s, various post work drinks on a Friday, to my first time hitting the slopes (quite literally hitting the slopes) on the ski trip, my Dutch experience has been, well, Lekker!

Thanks for the memories!!