Law is one of the most popular University Degrees and career choices for those seeking to work-bloody-hard, as well as get bloody-well-paid.

While slaving away and missing countless nights of sleep, you’re wondering if this is all really worth it. Will you ever don that white wig in a room fancier than the great hall at Hogwarts?

Yeeeeeaaaah, you can do it!

The end is in sight, remember why you started!

  • Money
  • Swag
  • Prestige
  • Mike Ross…

Ok, joking aside…

  • You’ll get a hefty paycheck
  • It’s challenging yet rewarding work
  • It’s a well respected profession
  • It’s pretty damn cool to be able to say you’re a lawyer
  • You can move around the world with your work


We know that it’s not for the faint-hearted. While the pay cheque is generous there is no doubt about the fact that you have to work for it. Fresh, young, bottom of the pile grads report working 70-90 hours a week at the start of their careers! So the work life balance can kinda suck but for a starting salary of around £50k it’s totally worth it. Am I right?


You have just graduated with a law degree or are currently studying towards it and you’re looking to land your first grad scheme, internship or graduate job, hence making the first step towards your own office with your name on the door and a PA as kick-ass as Donna.


Finally, you don’t really know what opportunities are available to you, from which firms, where – and what they’re seeking in candidates?

If only there was one place to do all of that

Certainly, there is! provides the perfect platform for learning more about companies that you could be interested in and finding those suitable opportunities to pursue the next chapter of your legal life, with over 20 London based law firms and many active opportunities for those fresh out of Law School.

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