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Stuart Edelenbos ♥ Semmtech

Stuart Edelenbos – Business Consultant – Semmtech

At Semmtech we help to connect different data points. This can be done by helping companies with the applications they already own, or by developing software for companies that can help to make data more transparent.

The corporate culture at Semmtech is very informal. We are a young company and want to stay young. The average age is around 35 years old. You will notice that our company outings are slightly more active. In addition, we joke a lot with each other and always have a Friday afternoon drink.

Because most of Semmtech’s customers are engineers, we are looking for new employees to be interested in this too. We also look at the grade list, but the most important thing is that the students are smart and social.

To find this type of student, we have been using for a year. We mainly use it to find potential new colleagues and interns. We hired six consultants last year, 4 of whom we found on

We like the use of It is easy to use and more dynamic than LinkedIn. For a company of 26 people, the investment in headhunters and recruiters is quite pricey. does not cost us a lot of time and is much cheaper.