So you found the job you want to apply for, you love the company, and you’ve got the right professional background. All that’s left to do is to impress recruiters with a killer online profile (like on, just to give an example). One that leaves little room for doubt about whether you’re the right person. Keep on reading and find out how you can land the job you dream of.

GRAB attention

Recruiters go over dozens of applications, so standing out can make that crucial difference. Nina Mufleh did this and she landed interviews with AirBnB, Uber, Dropbox and plenty of other companies. Even though she might not have been the best candidate out there (not saying she wasn’t), she certainly was the most notable one! Here’s how Nina did it. 😀

There is no set recipe for doing this (it would kind of take away the whole point of being original and unique), so just start thinking and get creative! Hint: think of something that relates to the companies you’re applying for and that shows off who you are.

Next is personalizing the content of your online profile. Of course add a profile picture, but also create an interesting headline (learn how to here)! and add descriptions to your experiences. This way, you give recruiters a better idea of who you are and what your previous jobs were like for you.

Lastly, only mention skills and experience that are relevant to the job you’re looking for. It’s tempting to go on about everything you’ve done (especially when the list isn’t that long and you’re desperately trying to seem qualified). However, employers will not care about your skills as a waiter when they are looking for a social media intern. Unless of course you also managed the Instagram account of the restaurant.

Mention results, don’t just show how you spent your time

Saying you were responsible for customer support doesn’t show a recruiter that you aced your job. Saying how you helped increase the company’s customer retention rate with 40% by adding Whatsapp support does.

Google’s HR executive Laszlo Bock explains how you should write down your experience and skills, using a simple formula: Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]. Giving quantitative information about what you accomplished using a certain method shows what you’re good for.

So keep in mind, your online profile is where landing your dream job starts, and doing it right (and better than your competition) can really improve your chances of getting it. Grab attention, show your achievements and you’ll be two steps closer already! Feel like improving your profile.? Update your profile right away on!