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Pippa Kirby ♥ Thomson Reuters

Pippa Kirby – Psychology graduate from the University of Manchester

In my final year of university, I was introduced to a magnitude of job boards around the UK. My careers advisor had recommended websites like GiveAGradAGo. My experience of using this website was very aggressive and instead of introducing me to jobs that interested me, I was instead offered jobs in companies and roles that didn’t suit my degree, knowledge or career aspirations. With websites like this, the recruiters posting the jobs are working for a commission so this then resulted in me attending interviews for jobs in operations, business administration, and recruitment… which was not what I wanted. But, as a graduate, I thought it would be best to attend the interviews and see what these roles had to offer. After attending interviews, I didn’t hear anything back and was disappointed in the whole process.

So, I then began contacting local businesses and instead of relying on a job board, sought opportunities through my personal network. I was fortunate to have been given a short-term contract for one year at a company close to Manchester. It was a great first job, especially after graduating. However, the company went bust during my time there. After this, I was then preparing to go through the whole job seekers process again.

During my final year, I had been introduced to by my careers advisors. When looking for jobs, I decided to see what sort of opportunities were available to me on their website. When I was looking for new opportunities on, I found the process very easy to use as the website allows you to change your job preferences and I was able to find jobs that best matched what I wanted to do. After graduation, I wanted to find job opportunities in a city and offered a wide range of opportunities for students in London.

I saw an opportunity posted by Thomson Reuters for a assistant research and data analyst. I was approached by Alex, who is the head of data analysts at Thomson Reuters. This was so much more beneficial as I was connecting with the person I would be working with throughout the duration of my internship. So I was able to ask more questions and get more informative responses about the job itself. As a result, I was able to make a more informed decision about applying for the vacant position.

After making an inquiry, I was then invited to apply for the job posted. I then sent through my CV and cover letter to the member of staff promoting the job and was then invited for an interview! My interview was on a Tuesday and that Friday I was offered the job at Thomson Reuters!

I’m now for working for Thomson Reuters on a 9-month internship, subject to a permanent job at the conclusion of the 9 months. Nothing can compare to the culture of this organization. Working in the hub of Canary Wharf, through finding this opportunity on