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How to set up an e-house day

In these uncertain times, many candidates worry about their future. Are there any jobs left? Will they be able to

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How NOT to revise

How to revise (or more like, how not to revise…)? As students, we ask ourselves this question all the time.

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Top 5 day trips from London

Studying in  London can be a bit intense. From pricey rental fees eating away at your student loan, commuting everywhere,

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Stuart Edelenbos ♥ Semmtech

Stuart Edelenbos – Business Consultant – Semmtech At Semmtech we help to connect different data points. This can be done

Imperial College Campus Manager
Just for fun

Imperial College Campus Manager

Hiya! I’m Jerusaa, a Campus Manager studying at Imperial College London. Becoming a Campus Manager has been one of


2018: Our year in numbers

2018 has been everything, except boring. Tokyo saw a robot named Michihito Matsuda run for mayor. While it still lost,

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Emily Gowers ♥ Eden McCallum

Emily Gowers – Neuroscience undergraduate from the University of Oxford As I approached my final year of university, I was

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How to quit your job

Do you want to quit your job? Since you are already here reading this article, I’m sure you thought about

Theo Robson X MVF Global -
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Theo Robson 🖤 MVF Global

Theo Robson – Economics and Politics (BA), from University of Essex. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do

Jason Woo X AlphaSights -
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Jason Woo 🖤 AlphaSights

Jason Woo – Political Science and International Relations Major from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Development Administration and

Will Windridge X The Inner Circle -
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Will Windridge 🖤 The Inner Circle

Will Windridge – English Literature and Language graduate from Swansea University After spending literally months scouring through Indeed and applying

2017-cover-end-of-year - blog

2017: Our year in numbers

2017 has been one cra-zy year: the inauguration of Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the richest man

never too old for prom night -

Never too old for prom night

Last week was the 49th AGR Student Recruitment Conference, held in the surprisingly “adventurous” city of Brighton, or what can

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Our take on success started with 3 students on a job hunt. 5 years later those same students are running a successful online

2016: Our year in numbers

2016 has been a crazy year: Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the release of Zoolander 2 (“really?!”). As

You've been invited to apply - blog

You’ve been invited to apply

We’ve developed a new feature that lets companies easily and quickly reach out to top candidates for their opportunities. At

ready-set-interview - blog
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Ready, set, interview!

I’m young, I’m fresh, I’m ready to go! No wait, let me change my top, it’s not right. What was