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Nora Bjornstad 🖤 Travers Smith

Nora Bjornstad – LLB Law with Maitrise en Droit, from University of Exeter.

I was first introduced to when it was just a start-up. I started off as a user, then Brand Ambassador and finally as Campus Manager. By starting off as a user of and seeing it flourish to the successful job listing company and recruitment platform it currently is, giving a genuine account of how simple, efficient and helpful the website is for students like myself, came naturally. makes job searching more enjoyable by providing users with a platform with countless numbers of firms and opportunities. When I started my job search, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer and work for an elite international law firm. After scrolling through different opportunities and considering the more detailed information provided about the various firms and the opportunities, I was able to properly evaluate which firm is best suited for me. During my search, I came upon the Vacation Scheme at Travers Smith. I had first gotten to know the firm at a University presentation. That’s when I knew it was the sort of firm I wished to work for in the future. After reading through a detailed description of what the firm is looking for on, I prepared my application and sent it off.

Travers Smith appealed to me not only because the application process was simple, send a cover letter and have a partner-led interview designed to get to know you better. But, also because of the friendly, supporting and fun culture with incredibly interesting and exciting clients and cases. The culture at the firm makes the challenging work more enjoyable. Consequently, this results in the excellent work the firm does. There is a constant desire to help one another and the relatively flat hierarchy resulting from the room-sharing. You learn quicker and more efficiently with partners and more senior associates always at your disposal.