We all know that being an investment banker is one of the highest paid professions! Moreover, with huge student debt we know that a graduate job in investment banking is always gonna be a popular choice for most students. So if you are considering paying off those debts quick and living the highlife then let Magnet.me help you along the way! “But how?”

First Steps first…

Why do you wanna become an investment banker? Easy, the money! What have you got to do? … Work fucking hard! Like day and night, ery day… yes you read correctly!

However, it’s a total given that after your summer internship and graduate job in investment banking (and probably a few years) you’ll be the guy that owns a yacht, smokes cuban cigars, and has Victoria’s Secret Angels on speed dial. Or put it in a savings account in the Cayman Islands… you know, whatever floats your boat.

Either way, you will be debt free and rolling in the dough.

So, how do you get them to pick you?

  • Are you a freak with numbers?
  • Are you in a committed relationship with your calculator?
  • Are you willing to really f*cking work hard 24/7- yes 24/7?
  • Are you ready to spend the rest of your life in a bank?</i>

Have no fear, because that is a load of bullshit.

Well… not all of it unfortunately.

On one hand, investment banks don’t look for mathematical geniuses, but on the other, they’re also not looking for the Wolf of Wall Street. All you need to have is a genuine interest in;

  • Stocks,
  • Money movements,
  • The economy,
  • The news


  • A degree (preferably in Business or Finance)
  • Genuine drive and determination
  • Being okay with working all hours of the day

If you have all of those then you might just be the next J.P. Morgan. Or at least land a graduate job in investment banking AT J.P. Morgan … almost the same.

One big thing is that as an unknown, inexperienced graduate or undergraduate you will need to have the balls to put your name out there. Starting early with summer internship, internships and any sort of experience you can get your hands on will only make your life easier later. So get out there connecting, applying and getting those entry level jobs that will take you to the top.

“But where do I find them?” – Just keep reading!

Have I caught your attention or what?

Here are a couple of investment banks that are hiring right now. If the next step for you is a graduate job in investment banking, go on, connect with them!

  • J.P. Morgan– One of the biggest, and the best… but I’m sure you know that.
  • Rothschild & Co.– The ‘Blue Blood’ investment bank.
  • Nomura– Integrated global network spanning over 300 countries.
  • Royal Bank of Canada– Culture rich in opportunity and reward.
  • BlackRock– Trusted to manage more money than any other investment firm.
  • Deutsche Bank– Germany’s leading bank with offices in London..

Make it easy for yourself, sign up and get connecting! Watch your future get so much closer!