Startups exist in every industry and, while they might be small, they break the stereotypes that exist in the industries today and realistically who doesn’t want to be part of that? However, the work in startups can vary from profession to industry. With the constant updating in technology most startups are doing some really wicked, new era stuff! So why not see what types of jobs they have available? Who knows you might just find your perfect graduate job, internship, or placement to take you to the top.

Why would you want to work for a startup?

Every company has to start somewhere, just like every career. So why not start together? Whether on a graduate scheme, internship, placement, or job why not get a sense of the business world from the bottom up by starting with the small guys.

What are the positives for working within a startup? Well there is a list that is probably longer than your arm. I mean everyone knows that with a small team you get a much more intimate view of the company, and while you may have signed up in one specific area there may still be opportunities to get an insight in the many different business areas. Not to mention, there is barely any hierarchy so you get to work to your own level and determination.

So I think the real question is Why would you not want to work in startups?

Yeah I know what you might be thinking, “The pay is really shit.”.

While that might be true, money is not everything. But if money is all you want from a job then you should be a banker or lawyer. There may not be a 6 figure salary while working for a startup, but the experience could lead you up to that lovely bank balance we all dream of.

Work in startups – “How do I start?”

Well that’s easy. Startups normally look for guys who have passion, drive and are capable of completing tasks without too much guidance. Really doesn’t sound that complicated does it?

Obviously you still have to have a degree, and be a certain level of intelligent (depending on what they are looking for) but anyone can work for a startup if they have the right personality and determination.

So, get started with these companies…

These are just a few of the many that are on, so why not get online and start connecting.

  • Sup.– The free way to see your friends more.
  • Police Now– The charity startup dedicated to reducing crime through transforming communities.
  • Land Insight– Creating better places and easier assessment of land for potential new homes.
  • HomeMade-Aids charities and pro-social businesses make the most of digital media.
  • Perlego– The affordable textbook solution.
  • Doctify– Finding you the right health specialist, created by doctors for you.

There is a startup for every person… If you can’t find it, maybe you should start it yourself!

Get connecting and find your perfect beginning.

Oh and if you’ve landed an internship (or job) at a startup, make sure to check out these 4 tips.