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Juhi Chikhlia 🖤 Royal Bank of Canada

In the past I’ve been pretty unsuccessful with applying for internships with many turndowns. Brand Ambassadors for Magnet.me were promoting it via my university website, which is where I first noticed them. I made an account which was really easy, then checked out some companies, connecting with the ones I was interested in. It was so good to be able to have them all on one platform in one place.

I found companies who were looking for students like me; the distance filter made it really simple for me to find companies and opportunities near me. I even got in touch with a few recruiters who I reached out to, and who reached out to me! Companies actually got in contact with me!

When it came to applying for internships, I used Magnet.me so much more than Linkedin – where it matters more who you know, or Targetjobs, which is literally just a job board. With Magnet.me it’s more about the application processes; discovering companies and opportunities I’ve never heard of, that match with me.

That’s how I found Royal Bank of Canada, after learning more about them on their page, I was really keen to work for them and they had perfect opportunities for me. I applied straight away! I’m now 6 weeks into my internship, I really feel like a part of the team. I have Magnet.me to thank for making me aware of this opportunity and I cannot recommend a better website for students!