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Jason Woo 🖤 AlphaSights

Jason Woo Political Science and International Relations Major from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Development Administration and Planning Master from University College London.

With this being my second time going through the job seeking process I was prepared for the difficulties that accompany the process – like looking for a job position that supports a visa for Hong Kong nationals and matches my skills and interests. So, after my graduation I used a wide range of job searching platforms, including Gradconnection, Indeed, Monster, Gradtouch, Student Circus, and LinkedIn. There might be others but I don’t recall. When an ad popped up on my Facebook about Magnet.me I decided to try it – it couldn’t hurt to use one more site, especially since it is free.

Unlike the multitude of sites I used previously, Magnet.me was super easy to use. I was able to set my specific parameters and was connected to companies and job positions that I was interested in and suited. Instead of viewing 300 pages of opportunities that really didn’t suit or interest me, I was matched with 20 – a much more manageable amount, and very closely related to my skills and knowledge as well. From the 20 that I was connected to, I applied to 2.

I applied to the role of Associate at AlphaSights because the role appealed to my interesting and after some simple research, I found they have an office in Hong Kong! I really liked the AlphaSights website, their software team have put A LOT of effort into a good customer experience on their website and it really shows. Having done my first internship in a more traditional company, it is a really great to have a fresh start and be included in a company where the culture and vision revolve around forward thinking and being dynamic. Nothing else can compare to the culture here at AlphaSights.