At we often get the question: “How do I write up a good job description that attracts great students or graduates?”. So we figured we’d write up our young and fresh perspective when it comes to writing job descriptions for students and graduates to attract the very best candidates.

Let’s get right to it. Here are the must haves that your job description should include:

1. State who you’re looking for

It has occurred to us (and our jobseekers) that almost all job descriptions are very similar; the layout, the length and job seekers generally only find out if they are eligible for the job at the end. However, more often than not, job seekers want to know immediately if they qualify for a job. So start with who you are looking for.

2. Describe who you are

Give a short description about who you are as a company and what your company culture is like. This will allow the jobseeker to know what kind of vision and values you have within the company.

3. Outline daily tasks

Let the jobseeker know how they would fit into the company; what kind of role they would play on a day to day basis.

These three points will cover all of the important information that a student or graduate will be looking for.

Here are some additional tips to make your job description really stand out:

1. Capture their attention

Studies show that millennials have a concentration span of only 8 seconds. If they stop reading after the first few sentences, what was the point of posting the opportunity in the first place? In the first sentence set the tone for the rest of the read.

Example: ‘Like to travel? Want to build a vast network around the globe? Do you have a knack for motivating people? Then this is the place for you!’

2. Keep it short but sweet

Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs, they are usually good summaries of what you’re trying to say and it’s easy for jobseekers to read and comprehend.

3. Avoid complicated job titles

Don’t waste time on making it sound extravagant. People want to know exactly what they’re applying for. Make it too complicated and you’ll scare potential job applicants away.

4. Paint the picture

It’s important to realise that the text the jobseekers read will set a certain tone for how they will imagine/view the company. Make sure you write in the way that captures your company’s essence.

Example: At we always list the standard benefits you get (competative salary, travel expenses, learning environment), but additionally we let jobseekers know that we like to play pingpong during our lunch breaks and if we’re lucky we have our Sheriff Wilson BBQ his famous chicken on Friday nights.

Remember: your priority is to capture and keep their interest! Good luck!!

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