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How to work on your career in times of Corona

The corona crisis is affecting all aspects of society and unfortunately, this might also have an effect on your job search or career at large. Students are wondering when they will be able to graduate, people with jobs have suddenly become unsure about their employment, and those looking to find a job are encountering a job market that’s not like it was before. 

Due to the uncertainty that employers in some industries are dealing with, there are fewer job opportunities and recruiters are more hesitant to reach out. You might notice this on as well. That is why we wanted to share 4 tips to help you continue to work on your career. 

1. Make sure your profile is up to date and complete 

When it comes to finding a new job, there is nothing more important than showing recruiters what you’re capable of. Therefore, make sure that your profile is completely up to date. Add your most recent work experience, mention the languages and tools you’ve mastered, and explain all other relevant information that will help you make a great impression.

Of course, first impressions are key. So, make sure that your profile doesn’t go unnoticed and upload a professional picture of yourself. It ensures that recruiters are twice as likely to approach you compared to profiles without a photo. 

2. Broaden your professional horizon

The sky’s the limit, and we want to motivate you to find a job you truly love. However, during these uncertain times, you should also realise that you might have to sacrifice things here and there in order to still find a job. So, during your job hunt, don’t be afraid to consider options that you haven’t seriously considered before. You are more likely to land a job in certain industries and roles than others right now.

Start broadening your horizon by exploring the industries that are still hiring right now, such as IT, FMCG, logistics, finance, transportation, law. 

3. Grow your (online) network

Expanding your online network is a great way of working on your career during these strange times. Although some recruiters are a little more reserved when it comes to hiring people, they’re still very eager to get in contact with you and for you to reach out to them. Make the first move and attend an e-house day, go on a virtual coffee date or watch a webinar from a company you love.

Make a good impression today, so you will be at the top of their ‘who-to-call’ list when they start actively recruiting again. 

4. Work on yourself

Now that you’re stuck at home (for an important reason of course), it might feel like waiting for the job market to improve is all you can do right now. But, waiting is exactly what you shouldn’t do. 

Instead, work on yourself! Use this time to work on your personal development. This way, you will nail your answer to the interview question: “What did you do whilst you were stuck at home?”.  55% of recruiters say the answer to that question can affect your chances of getting hired (based on our survey among 200 recruiters).

It can be frustrating and stressful if many of your (career) plans have become uncertain or have had to be changed outright. But with these tips, you can definitely still make your job hunt a success! Use to spend the extra time you have on making a great impression on recruiters and finding a job you love. Even if that’s in a surprisingly different industry than you had planned.