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How to quit your job

Do you want to quit your job? Since you are already here reading this article, I’m sure you thought about this long and hard. You either really hate your job and already read this article or you found a better opportunity somewhere else. In the latter case, good for you!

Either way, it is still important to leave your job with a clean slate. Keep the honour to yourself and don’t just leave without saying a word #ttyn. Not sure how to quit your job the right way? Then let me help with these tips and tricks to make sure you’re loved long after you leave.

Look for something else beforehand

If you are highly dependent on your finances and don’t have any savings left, then you would probably want to secure another position first, before leaving this one. It is not easy to find a job as a graduate, but now that you have some experience, it shouldn’t take months. also offers tons of opportunities, suitable for your profile, at worldwide corporations as well as SMEs. When you found something new, you’re officially ready to be a strong, independent man/woman and stand your ground during the process of resignation.

Talk to your friend and relatives

If you have a supportive network of friends and family members they will be able to give you advice without sugarcoating things. Every situation is different, and because you are the one going through it, it might be hard to be objective.

Thus, ask the people around you if you have the right motives, ask how they see the situation. Maybe they will tell you something you didn’t realise until now.

Think of your price

Before actually talking to your manager, think of what would be the price that can make you stay in the company just for a little longer (that is, if you like the company). It can be money, but it can also be another role, different kind of experience, more responsibility, more freedom, more projects, more interaction with other departments etc.

It is not necessary to quit your job, but it might be a necessary step to signal that you are not happy where you currently are and ask for what is needed to make your stay (again, if you like the company).

Talk to your manager

After making sure you are doing the right thing for the right reasons, schedule a meeting with your manager. Now, it is not easy to break the news that you want to quit your job and that you hate being here (maybe not in these words, okay?).

Start by explaining what you are grateful for – the opportunity, the experience, the teamwork and problem-solving skills you’ve gained – and then say that this is not the position you are looking for at the start of your career. Thus, you find that quitting your job is the right thing to do both for you to follow your dreams, and for the company to not waste any resources.

Write your letter of resignation

This is a necessary step in almost every company. It is basically an official statement in which you announce that you are quitting your job. Can be easier than expected (if you reaaally hate your job), but still, try to sound professional for one last time.

Have your goodbye party/dinner

This is what you were looking forward to, isn’t it? The freedom of being released from the cage and being able to spread your wings and explore every other opportunity out there. Amazing! Make sure you have fun with your colleagues (the ones that don’t make your brain shut down when talking) and say a proper thank you and a proper goodbye to everybody, including your boss.

Finitoooo! Next steps…

Run employee, run! You’ve finally received your wings, now go on and fly away. You have all the freedom in the world to do what you really want. Go on and enjoy it, you’ve deserved it. Once you’re ready for a new opportunity, go and check, and find yourself a job that you’ll never want to quit!