has crossed the North Sea! As of today, we are live in the UK with a beta version of the website. Our little graduate recruitment revolution has thus hit the shores of Great Britain.

At we aim to let students explore and unlock their full potential by connecting them with every possible future employer in the world whilst enabling every organisation, whether a startup or a multinational, to attract the right talent they need to reach their goals.

With our move to the UK, we are increasingly fulfilling our mission.

We opened an office in London seven months ago and have been operating in stealth mode until today. We have joined forces with over 60 launch partners, including PwC, Royal Bank of Canada, Linklaters, McKinsey & Company, Thales, Vodafone, Bruce Shaw, GoCardless, just to name a few. They will add to the 800+ companies that already use to attract talent in a more targeted, personal and effective manner.

Today, we are launching in beta at the University of Exeter and the University of Southampton as part of our campus-by-campus launch strategy. The University of Surrey, Manchester, Warwick, Durham, Bath, Edinburgh and Imperial and King’s College and many more are to follow in the coming months. These universities were carefully selected based on employer demand, notoriety and recent growth in academic ranking.

Currently there are a lot impersonal and expensive job boards, recruitment agencies, bulk emailing and generic career fairs still around in the UK. It is time for a change and we intend to be the ones to deliver it.

With a huge team of brand ambassadors, a great online and offline marketing campaign, a wide variety of attractive launch partners as well as with what we think is an amazing product (which is constantly evolving), we are ready to enter the UK market!

Fun fact: the British market is roughly six times bigger than the Dutch market, with over 1.6 million students, 163 universities and an aggregate spend of €1.2 billion on graduate recruitment by companies.

For any questions related to our launch, please reach out to us through