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Emily Gowers ♥ Eden McCallum

Emily Gowers – Neuroscience undergraduate from the University of Oxford

As I approached my final year of university, I was unsure of which career path I wanted to follow. Despite studying Neuroscience, I had decided against pursuing a career in the sciences or studying for a PhD. It was difficult to find the time to think through what I wanted to do, and where best to start looking for jobs, career prospects and opportunities. I decided that taking a gap year after graduation would allow me the time and space to make a considered career decision.

After graduation, I completed two internships in London to develop my experience and get an idea of the kind of work that I would be interested in pursuing. This gave me the chance to explore some of the different career opportunities available and I was able to think about the skills I had developed, and how they could best be applied to the areas that I was interested in. I was looking for an opportunity that provided significant training and development, as well as a platform for my career in the long term. Most importantly, I wanted to find something that I enjoyed doing.  

My previous experience with an online careers services was during my undergraduate studies, when I signed up to my university’s career page. I came across and completed my profile. I found the website very easy to use and I liked how the company information and opportunity posts were in a digestible format. After defining my preferences, I was able to filter the opportunities to highlight the jobs and industries that interested me. I was contacted by Emma, the Recruitment Manager at Eden McCallum, who had posted a job opportunity on She invited me to apply for the graduate scheme opportunity at Eden McCallum. One particularly appealing feature was that there was a profile and picture to this message, which created more of a human approach to the faceless online process of finding a job. I clicked on the link on to find out more about Eden McCallum and decided to respond to the message and find out more about applying for the position.

After four interviews and assessments at their London offices, I was offered a position on their Analyst programme for recent graduates. My role is very varied but for the most part, I work in project teams on consulting engagements for Eden McCallum’s clients. I provide analytical, research and process support to clients across a diverse range of sectors, on a wide range of business issues.

I am enjoying working in London and am lucky that our offices are in in the West End, so there is always something going on. I have adapted quickly to living and working in the capital and I am looking forward to continuing to build my career here.