When it comes to office perks, you immediately think of Silicon Valley, right? If you are not one of those people who wants to work in Palo Alto because you love the Dutch weather, but still want free and unlimited quinoa-salads and get hairstyled while playing pingpong at work, here are five of the coolest perks at Dutch offices.

Coolblue - Have meetings in a ball pit

The last time the most of us were in a ball pit, we were still happy with a Happy Meal. Well, at Cool Blue they take important decisions while being submerged in blue, yellow, red and green balls and have meetings in an indoor garden house.

Coolblue's ball pit

Coca-Cola Enterprises - Free coke

BREAKING NEWS: free Coca-Cola at Coca-Cola!! (Likewise, we at Magnet.me offer our employees free internships and jobs.) So, ok, it might not be surprising, but does that really matter when you’re thirsty? And if you’re done with Coke, you can always switch to Fanta, Nestea, Dr. Pepper or any of the other CCE-brands.

Free Coca-Cola

MN - Do squats in between spreadsheets

If you’re done with Excel, at MN you can take the elevator downstairs and hit the gym (which comes with a personal trainer). After all: Anime Sana In Corpore Sano (ever wondered where the name ASICS came from?): a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Free Fitness

Flow Traders - Lounge like a boss

If you want to get a hint what’s it’s like to live in a Manhattan bachelor penthouse, then spend some time in Flow Trader’s Lounge, which has a classy pool table, vintage pinball machines, a bar and a poker table where you can win your colleague’s month salary.

Free Fitness

Optiver - Find your zen

Feeling stressed or just land a big deal? At Optiver there’s always the option of treating yourself and finding your zen with a message. There is nothing a deep tissue massage can’t cure!

Free Fitness

Looking for all of the above? Perhaps consider applying at Google, where you can (obviously) find all of the above .