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Do you want an internship in an international FMCG company?

Can’t seem to find your dream internship in the FMCG industry? You might be walking around with a couple of questions, like “Is my academic background good enough?” or “Do I need to speak a foreign language?”

These concerns should not stop you from landing an amazing internship in FMCG. Pre-requirements do sometimes mess with applicants’ minds, but we’re here to ease your concerns by tearing these pre-requirements apart with the help from the recruitment team at FMCG company Henkel. 

Your spirit matters!

You might be worried that other people have better academic backgrounds, results, or skills than you. However, at some companies, like Henkel, it does not matter if you are a bachelor or master’s student since the majority of our vacancies require the right  spirit. There are several cases in which a bachelor student stood out from an applicant pool of 120 people.

Therefore, to make a recruiter hear your drive plays a pivotal role. You can do this through your CV and cover letter. Like many companies in the FMCG industry, the Henkel internship program offers a learning environment to students; not a place where students need to be full-on on their first day. Thus, drop your worries on the academic level and start thinking about why you are looking for an internship instead.

A diverse culture

Another big pre-requirement is which languages you speak. More and more students are looking for opportunities abroad and languages are their biggest concern. Indeed, regardless of the size and scope of some multinational companies, they still require you to speak a certain language besides English.

However, thanks to the diverse culture within Henkel the corporate working language is English and it’s the only language requirement for over 50% of our internship vacancies. Did you know that in Henkel’s Amsterdam office they had 17 different nationalities in a group of 25 interns last year? Thanks to these different nationalities, the atmosphere is perceived as a warm family.

Your first valuable experience

Finally, having relevant experiences is one of the tricky topics you might run into when looking for an internship. Even though the goal of an internship is to actually gain that experience! Isn’t it ironic? At Henkel, they understand it is difficult to already have the experience. That’s why their goal is to give you that first valuable experience, that you can use in your future career path or even within Henkel.

As you may not have any experience as a student it is however even more vital to clearly show your motivation and spirit for both the company and your desired position. So, prepare yourself well with a convincing CV and cover letter! 

More than an internship

What Henkel offers is not merely an internship but a life experience and a career path. Fully integrated, highly networked: during an internship, you experience first-hand what it is that distinguishes Henkel employees and makes them successful.

You will be integrated into their team from your very first day and will be able to find out what it means to work for an international market leader and to define tomorrow’s market – whether consumer goods or industry. Make use of this opportunity and convince us of your talents and initiative – just like 1,500 other interns worldwide each year.

Can’t wait to see what they have in store for you? Don’t hesitate to check all opportunities here!

In collaboration with Hao Huang & Delphine Van Hoorebeke from Henkel Benelux