At Magnet.me we are all about showing students the opportunities they would otherwise miss out on. This is why we spend a lot of time, coffee and code on helping students discover all their relevant career opportunities; from traineeships at multinationals to internships at fast growing startups.

The companies on Magnet.me are catered to in a similar fashion; they connect with qualified and interested students they wouldn’t have come across anywhere else. This summer we hit the mark of 800,000 connections between students and companies. Time to figure out how many of these connections wouldn’t have been established if it weren’t for Magnet.me.

Based on a student’s profile and wishes, and company characteristics and their wishes, students discover all the companies that might, one day, be their future employer. The past weeks we asked our users how many of these companies were unknown to them before they joined Magnet.me. We were astonished by the result; on average students only knew 27% of the companies they were matched with… And, clue is in the title, on Magnet.me students can thus discover the remaining 73%.

Needless to say, missing out on so much information, when making such an important decision, is a big problem. Chances are that you’ll end up at a job where you’ll be less productive, and more importantly, less happy.

It’s a problem that affects us all; reason enough for us to make this message the basis of our marketing campaign. So don’t be surprised to see our slogan #DiscoverYour73% on social media, campuses and on our amazing marketing material!

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