Four months after our launch in the UK, we thought it would be fun to have a look at some data (nerdicon). Well, in doing so it turned out we might have found the long-sought-after scientific proof that Dutch students are better looking than their British counterparts…

Ok, maybe not that, but we found something interesting though. Anyone who has ever created a CV stood before the dilemma of whether or not to include a profile picture (or yes, upload a photo to their profile). Luckily, you can find 1,000 different reasons on the internet for why or why not you should do so. Your appearance does however not seem to be listed among those reasons, although research has indicated attractive people get invited more often for job interviews.

Anyway, back to our data. We compared the number of British students that uploaded a profile pic to the number of Dutch students who did and the results we pretty staggering: of our thousands of British students, only 14.2% included a picture to their profile, whilst a very substantial 41.3% of our Dutch users uploaded a profile pic to our servers. That is almost three times as much.

UK vs NL number of students that uploaded a profile pic

Now, what does this say? Are students in the Netherlands better looking than their British counterparts? Or is it just more common to put a profile picture on your CV in the Netherlands than it is UK? Maybe, but instead of getting into deep culture assessments and complicated reasoning why this might be the case, we would like to take a different turn:

To help get that 14.2% go up and because we think a photo really adds some personality to a profile, we will organise a completely free professional photoshoot @ our office in London for every British student who wants to upgrade his or her profile with a professional photo (which you can also use for other purposes, like printing a poster of yourself). Just drop a message at and we’ll let you know when you can come to our offices to shine. Oh, and you might even walk away with some official merchandise.