Ever wanted to combine exploring the labour market and discovering new cities, have breakfast in New York while learning about career opportunities or party in Shanghai while getting familiar with a firm’s culture? A lot of Dutch employers organise business courses all over the globe to convince you to start your career with them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term business course: it is defined as a multi-day event in which you mostly work on a case with fellow students and get to know the company’s culture, organisation and people. Oh, and don’t forget the sightseeing and… partying. That’s why they are hugely popular and applications always massively exceed the number of students that can participate.

If you feel like it’s time for you to get serious about getting familiar with certain firms AND you feel like it’s time to get out of the University Library, into a plane to a cool city abroad, here’s a map with the places Dutch employers take students on a business course. So, take your pick and… apply away.

Oh, and if you’re a law student, you’re in luck: 7 of 17 business courses that take place abroad, are organised by law firms.

Most business courses take place in November, so you’ll have to wait a while before you can submit your application, let alone pack your bags.

But luckily enough there are still a couple of business courses coming up in the coming months:

BCG – World Food Programme Business Course (Rome)

Application deadline: March 7

Deloitte – Consulting Business Course (Barcelona)

Will open for applications soon, watch your Magnet.me profile.

Stibbe – STBB2NY (New York)

Will open for applications soon, watch your Magnet.me profile.

Bain & Company – Strategy Challenge (Barcelona)

Application deadline: April 5

Oh, and the NS is obviously not taking you on a plane, but will take you to London by train.