On the fifth of October we opened up Magnet.me to students and graduates from the United Kingdom. Not only does Magnet.me make it much easier and more enjoyable for British students to find a great job in Britain, it also allows them to see their opportunities across the Channel in the Netherlands.

Who wouldn’t want an internship or first job in, for instance, Amsterdam? Prime location for your stag party, but also arguably the best place in the world to be an expat. And vice versa, for Dutch students Magnet.me makes finding work in the UK, and especially London, the world’s most popular travel destination, a lot easier.

More people want to work abroad

At Magnet.me we are very excited that we’ve made connecting with exciting companies abroad just as easy as we’ve made it to connect with that undiscovered, yet vibrant startup around the corner. In doing so we are answering a growing sentiment amongst the world’s labour force. Today, more people than ever expect to work abroad at least once in their careers; with estimates ranging between 34% to 71%. With millennials and Europeans being the most motivated bunch for an international experience, and Europe the location of choice for people across the globe.

That the desire to gain international experience is so widespread, is understandable. A study by Harvard Business Review shows that people who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity. They are more likely to create new businesses and products and be promoted at work. Of course living abroad also serves as a great way to experience personal growth.

Diverse organisations perform better

It goes without saying that for companies, hiring internationally will enable them to bring just those capabilities on board. It is no surprise that (internationally) diverse organisations tend to outperform homogeneous organisations. In addition, internationalisation of recruitment allows companies to broaden their pool of potential candidates. This makes it easier to uphold quality requirements for new hires and fill those hard-to-fill vacancies, the number of which has been growing over the past years.

Take it from us

Not only does Magnet.me answer a clear need for both students and companies, working internationally is something we are emphatic about ourselves. We are an international bunch, with Magneteers – yes, that’s what we call ourselves 😉 – having lived all over the world, from Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, to Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. We see every day how the skills we’ve developed abroad strengthen our organisation and we’ve experienced first hand how fun and valuable an international experience is. All the more reason for us to be very excited that a job (or new colleague from) across the channel is now at your fingertips!