After a long re-evaluation process full of research and discussion, we’ve decided to move away from network requests and move towards an awesome new smart algorithm, and a beautiful interface to explore the best jobs and companies for you. Let us explain.

Connecting is what we do

We launched back when we were still in university with a clear mission: “To let students and graduates explore their full professional potential by connecting them with the best possible future employer”. As you know, making connections is a major part of the DNA. Something we’ve believed in from the very start. Until today, these connections have always been sparked by “network requests” which students received automatically from interesting companies when they met a company’s selection criteria.

Here’s why it’s time for a change

For one, because students gradually lost overview. As the number of companies on continues to grow, the number of network requests that students receive will continue to grow as well. To the point where it became hard to see what’s relevant and some sort of ranking would be really helpful.

Two, because many (mainly smaller) companies can’t always predict their hiring need for the coming year and didn’t need a network, so no network requests. This meant that the company was very hard to discover, while it is part of our mission to help you discover the right company, regardless of size!

From network requests to giving great suggestions (using smart algorithms)

The problem that we solve is in essence a complex information problem; when solved correctly you see the jobs and companies that excite you and that you are qualified for. That sounds simple enough, but in most cases there isn’t a clear cut off point between ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ and ‘qualified’ and ‘unqualified’. Working at a big corporate might for instance not be your first choice, but what if they have a job opening that meets all your other desires? Enter complexity. Enter machine learning.

The past year we have completely revamped our matching algorithm. We are now able to rank the best companies and jobs for you based not only on your and a company’s profile and criteria (that we still look at of course!), but also on your behaviour and that of other similar people on the site! Across the website, our apps and emails we’ll now rank the jobs and companies you see, with the best on top.

New presentation of companies and jobs

Users often expressed the desire to browse interesting jobs and companies to discover what’s out there for them. With that in mind we have created a new page with a beautiful interface, in which we can present different categories of companies and jobs that best fit your profile and interests. The ideal place to explore your opportunities! Big bonus; our algorithm makes sure your recommendations will get better the more you use

This is just the start!

We see our biggest update yet as a fresh start of sorts. That means we’ll work around the clock to improve your recommendations and your ability to see whether a job or company makes a good fit. We’ll get ever more companies and jobs on and we’ll continue to work together with our users to improve our product further, so that we can get many more people hired, and happy. So, if you have any questions or thoughts we’d love to hear from you!

Check it out right away! Start exploring on!