As all you law students know, law school is known to be challenging (and for many the closest thing to hell). But fear not, with these tips the countless library seshes and the reading of millions of cases may become just a bit a little more bearable!

1. Gather that energy to go to your law school lectures and seminars

Yup, your cosy bed is indeed 100 times better than the lecture theatre, and yup, that voice in your head that tells you that you don’t need to go in because you can catch up online, is quite tempting (let’s be honest, that will never happen). But as much as I hate to say it, try to gather any scraps of energy and get your ass to your lectures.

Plus it’s sooo much more rewarding and motivating when you do turn up at law school (even if you spend the time doing the latest buzzfeed quiz) and results in you potentially staying on campus and getting some work done!


2. Stay on top of your work and readings for law school

As you probably know, there is a lot of independent reading so it’s important you stay on top of the work to avoid spending countless of hours in the library (especially when all your friends are tanning at Costa in May)! It’s so easy to come to a seminar unprepared but remember it’s the only time you get to test your knowledge.

Joining a study group at law school is also ideal since it spreads the work around giving you more time to focus on what really matters for the exams. Plus, why cry alone when you can cry and whine as a group when the workload gets too intense (which it will)?

3. Attend law firm presentations and open days

As a law student it’s important to speak to lawyers to have a greater understanding of what a legal career is like (not every firm is like suits). Attending such events will also give you contacts and most likely the motivation to continue your journey as a law student. As well as an insight on how to prepare for those ohhh so intimidating applications and interviews. Keep an eye out for the events on the Career Zone!

4. Join the Bracton Law Society to stay on top of current events at Exeter

Being a member of Bracton Law has its perks. It provides a more fun way to meet other (struggling) students at, for example, the BLS pub crawls. Also, it gives you the chance to meet lawyers in a more relaxed environment, such as cocktail-making with magic circle firms or discussing your legal journey over a meal during the careers dinner. Keep an eye on that alcohol tho, while trying to make a great first impression. It also gives you access to the most prestigious events the university has to offer.

5. Join! offers you a platform to communicate directly with firms magic circle firms, chambers and loads of other companies! Events and opportunities are posted directly by the recruitment teams giving you the chance to see exactly what they look for. You also get the chance to contact the recruitment team directly if you have any questions!