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5 tips on how to land a job if you’ve studied at Erasmus University

You’ve studied at Erasmus University, had the time of your life (maybe), but now the time has come to find a job. For some people, this is quite the stressful process, so to make it a little easier, we rounded up 5 tips for you.

Tip 1: Mention your college on your CV

According to the Times Higher Education rankings, Erasmus University is number 1000 in the world and number 4 in the Netherlands. This means that you have been to one of the best universities in the world, and it’s important to utilize that.

When employees see that you’ve been to a great university, it means you’ve automatically got a leg up in whatever industry you want to be in.

Tip 2: Emphasise your extracurricular activities

Being a student at Erasmus University means that you have the ability to do basically anything. You can play all sports, organize a fashion show, volunteer, or go on exchange. Recruiters are paying less and less attention to your grades and focusing more on what extracurricular activities you’ve done in addition to your studies.

So if you were a night owl and spent all of your nights at Bar or Annabel, you can say that you’re an expert on Rotterdam night culture. Or when you played in the soccer team in university, play it up a bit and say you were a college athlete.

Tip 3: Don’t limit yourself to one country

After spending four years in an incredibly international environment you would be crazy to limit yourself to job hunting only in the Netherlands (or just very comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that).

If you’ve been putting all of your energy into making friends instead of studying, here is where this pays off. You’ve made friends from all over the world. This means you’ve got a place to stay at when you find the perfect internship in Barcelona, or maybe your English friend has a dad with a company in London.

One of the biggest perks of living in 2018 is that the whole world is your playground, use that!

Tip 4: Take a Gap… anything

This brings us to tip 4. You’ve done your time. Three/four years you’ve been stuck not reading the class material, not paying attention during lectures, and only studying the summaries. You deserve a vacation!

Some of you will jump into the job market head first, and for that, I applaud you, but remember there are other options. Maybe you want to start with a part-time internship in a foreign country, or you want to travel to South-America.

You are only young once and you will never be as free and have as little to lose as you have now. Employers love life experience and anyway you can get it is great. So while you are partying on the beaches of Greece, remember that it is all for the sake of boosting your resume.

Tip 5: Know where to find a job

You’ve studied, you’ve traveled around the world, and now you’re ready for a real job. For many people, it is still very difficult to find a job that they love.

If you’ve studied at Erasmus University you might already know It has made it so much easier for students to find a job after they’ve graduated. You sign up, which takes literally 20 seconds, fill in what jobs you’re interested in, and swipe left and right to find the vacancy you love the most… doesn’t get much easier than that.