As a student, you reach your real ‘study intensity peak’ whenever exams are coming up. These are often rather chaotic and stressful times (if you don’t prepare properly). Here at, we’ve all been students at one point and thought it would be great to share our thoughts on how to approach the exam period to help you make the best of yours.

1. Take breaks

Go for a run or take your neighbor’s rabbit for a walk if you like, it works like a charm. With at least 30 minutes of fresh air in your system, you’re good to go for another disciplined round of studying. Use a good break to get in your “zone” and just go through the material that you have just been reading in your head.

2. Don’t cut back on sleep

A mistake a lot of students make is that they think that staying awake is the key to passing those exams. “The more hours I can have my eyes open, the more hours I can study”. It sounds like a solid plan, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work that way. Without sleep you’ll lose focus and energy and will find it even harder to study well. So do go to bed on time, get enough rest and return to your study books with a fresh mind every day!

3. Make a realistic plan

You’ll often find that you come to a point that you realise that you could have planned it all better. A good plan can really help in creating a focus and helps you to know how to spend your time. Write down the exam date and then distribute small study bites (chapters, lectures, etc.) over the days (or weeks) before. By the way, planning is a study skill that you can use over and over again!

4. Out of time? Study old exams or follow a crash course

Students always have to make hard choices between studying hard and having fun. At the wrong moments you’ll find yourself saying “I don’t really feel like it today…so I’ll do that tomorrow”, which means you’ll need to speed up the process. The quickest study method to still make something out of your exam week (when time is running out) is to practice old exam questions or to follow a crash course to get to know all of the topics within your course that are most likely to be tested. So if you don’t have any more valid options, go for it!

5. Celebrate! (Once your done with exams, obviously)

When everything is over and you’ve worked incredibly hard to pass those exams, it’s time to celebrate! Go to a party, have a drink with friends, play video games all night, whatever you like! Enjoy!

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