Ever feel like you’re spending too much time filtering through a ridiculous amount of applications, thinking to yourself; “more than half of these are not worth my time”? It’s because you are probably still using traditional job sites, mass promotion through email or careers fairs in the hope to attract great candidates. Here is a quick rundown of why they result in frustration more often than satisfaction.

1. They take up too much time

Instead of spending time on winning over the best candidates, traditional graduate recruitment channels make you spend far too much time on reaching out to as many candidates as you can – hoping a few good applications come out of it, but mainly resulting in a bulk of irrelevant applications.

Remember: Less is more, and this certainly counts for graduate recruitment as well. Target your efforts toward the top candidates, cut the time you are wasting on turning down candidates and spend more time on convincing that rockstar candidate to join your team.

2. They dilute your message

Research has shown that the lack of perception by students of the employer is the biggest challenge for UK graduate recruiters.

Putting up your company profile or opportunities in an alphabetical list among other potential employers is not going to help you convey your message to your target audience. Nor is sending out generic mass emails to relatively random groups of students.

Students not knowing what the company is like to work for, but applying anyway, eventually results in 1 in 4 graduates leaving their first job within 12 months. In turn, this leaves you with a waste of efforts and money.

3. They damage your employer brand

You can image that being associated with an impersonal, mass approach or turning down thousands of students hardly does your employer brand any good…

4. They deplete your recruitment budget

You’re entering a vicious cycle here. You target as many people as you can in order to get the best applicants possible, but pay for each candidate you reach along the way. Whether this is a top candidate or a completely unqualified and uninterested student. Result: you spent tons of money reaching the wrong people.

5. And then there is natural selection…

Ever wondered why Brad Pitt never used a dating site? It is the same reason why top candidates do not use massive job boards: natural selection. If you think that talent interacts with cold, out-of-nowhere reach outs or user unfriendly job sites, you are wrong. The best candidates already get poached (on a personal level) in an early stage, which leaves you with the lesser quality student when you keep on using traditional graduate recruitment channels.

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