Moving abroad is always fun, and moving abroad for your career is no exception! Sure it may take a bit of courage and good load of determination… but it’s going to be one hell of an experience! So, are you finding yourself about to move abroad for the next step in your career, with a few more butterflies than you were hoping for? Don’t worry, we have 4 easy tips to help ease your nerves.

Put your Emergency Kit Together

Not literally a save-a-life kit (hopefully you won’t need one of those anytime soon). Just your home comforts and favourite toiletries! It will save the stress of you trying to work out what the hell everything is in unfamiliar shops. Also, any prescription meds you might need – make sure you have a couple months supply. The last thing you want to be concerned with when you first arrive is how the healthcare system works. Let’s keep the first week for trying to work out where the cheapest place to do your groceries is!

Research, Research, Research

Yeah duh! We’d like to hope you’ll know a few useful things, right? Plus ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘where is the toilet’ and ‘two beers please’ if you’re moving to a country with a new language! Joking aside, it can be really useful to have a grasp on whether or not you’ll have to register in the city, what documents you may need, which banks are recommended and what the best way to travel around the city is! Make sure to familiarise yourself with the HR department at work as they can be super helpful. You can even take a look on Housing Anywhere, for everything from tips from students who have already made the move abroad, to finding a room or somewhere to live.

Plan your First Day

Finding out where the office is, knowing which public transport to take (if you need it), and knowing exactly how long it takes to get to work – before your first day – will ease your nerves! Make sure you know what the appropriate dress code is. You don’t want to be suited and booted at a startup where everyone else is in jeans and t-shirts! Feeling confident that you’ll be playing the right part will help your first day be seamless and stress-free.

Relax, it’s all going to be fine!

An internship is a time for you to learn. You’re meant to make mistakes and ask questions, so don’t fret about sounding silly! No one knows everything, and everyone has to start somewhere. The more you ask, the more interested you’ll seem and the quicker you’ll develop your professional skill set!