There’s always doubts in everything we do. Whether they are in the back of our minds or very present and this is also the case for our search for a grad scheme, internship or graduate job. Here are 4 myths about graduate career exploration which you shouldn’t worry about (anymore)!

1. MYTH: There is a perfect career for me

Fact: There are multiple suitable internships, grad jobs and grad schemes for you out there. Don’t stress about finding ‘the one’ but do focus on finding a right one!

2. MYTH: I should pursue whatever graduate career is in demand

Fact: Don’t let the whole idea of a certain field being more in demand than another scare you. It is much more important finding the grad job that you enjoy. No need to apply for everything and anything.

3. MYTH: I know of all the companies that offer what I’m looking for

Fact: There are so many opportunities and companies out there that we guarantee you do not know of all the companies that offer what you’re looking for. We did some research which actually showed that students are only aware of 27% of their potential employers.

4. “MYTH: I’m the only one feeling overwhelmed ”

Fact: Sometimes it can seem like all your friends and classmates have it all figured out and are doing just fine. 95% of the time, they’re feeling just as overwhelmed as you might be.

Ready to bust MYTH 3?.