Looking back upon the year, there is one thing that can be said: it has gone by in a whirlwind. I still remember receiving an invite to attend the Magnet.me 5-year anniversary almost a year ago, like it was yesterday. Before the trip I was overcome with emotions, giddiness about meeting new people, as well as nervous about what the year as Campus Manager would entail.

From the minute I got to Rotterdam Station, it was full speed ahead. The weekend went by in a blast – every minute a new and amazing experience that I am lucky to have been able to be a part of. The Magnet.me team is truly a family that I have grown to love and admire during my time as Campus Manager.

5 year Party 5 year party @ Rotterdam HQ

Not only did I have the ability to get to know those who started Magnet.me and learn about the story – which is genuinely inspiring, but also had the opportunity to meet people who have become some of my closest friends at the University of Exeter. Together Tess, Nora and I have worked hard throughout the year to make sure we performed the role as Campus Managers to the best of our abilities. It was not always an easy task but together we persevered and would not trade what we learned for anything in the world.

Valentines Day at Exeter Promo on campus for Valentine’s Day

I think the most important contribution to our experience as Campus Managers was to have the chance to organise tasks and manage our time to the best of our ability, and around our studies. When planning events with local vendors it was also very important to uphold a strong line of communication between all parties to ensure success for everyone. For all three of us, the role has managed to bring us all out of our shells and made us more comfortable in having fun when doing our tasks and therefore allowed us the ability to attract more people. It has also shown us the power of spreading brand awareness through all the different social media platforms, and allowed us to share our knowledge through writing blogs.

Now that the year has come to an end and we will without a doubt miss the days where we spent hours planning events or handing out flyers as the knowledge gained and relationships developed in the role is unforgettable. When passing on advice to the future Campus Managers, we can say to enjoy the time and to have fun – it is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on!