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2018: Our year in numbers

2018 has been everything, except boring. Tokyo saw a robot named Michihito Matsuda run for mayor. While it still lost, it managed to get 4,000 votes. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry. Fiona, the hippo accurately predicted both the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the Super Bowl results and a man in Wisconsin, America ate his 30,000th Big Mac burger (that’s 2 a day for the past 46 years) – 2018 what a year! There even was the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Yep, that’s how wild this year has been – there was an entire Olympics you forgot about. Just like the rest of humanity, 2018 was a wild and crazy year for us too at So much so, we’ve translated it into 18 numbers that made our year stand out from any other.

1.We’ve welcomed 65,763 new users

It occasionally took Dutch bitterballen to wheel them in, but remember: “It’s not about how you get there, it’s about how you look while you get there.”

2. 708,951 jobs were liked

Our servers were flooded with love.

3. We wrote 350,335 lines of code

<html> And had a lot of fun while doing it </html>

4. We ordered 356 poke bowls, 125 pizzas and 459 Thai food meals

And we’re hungry for more.

5. We drank 19,751 cups of coffee

Gotta love the smell of caffeine in the morning.

6. 74,304 applications were made through

One of them was from Nora, who got hired by top tier law firm Travers Smith. Read her story here.

7. We handed out 18,567 red notebooks

The little red books were an instant hit on campus.

8. We organized 6 Professional Photo Days

Say cheese.

9. We distributed 400 student house packages

Straight from HQ to your doorstep.

10. We had 676 beers during our first ever ski trip


 11. We put 1 greenhouse in the office

Because why not?

12. 242 free coffees were claimed to celebrate 10,000 profile @ Erasmus University

After all, what’s better than free quality coffee right?

13. We put up 2,790 posters on campuses

Just as a friendly reminder.

14. We still believe you should stop looking for a job like it’s 1997

You’re also not buying CDs anymore to listen to music, right?

15. 34,017 new conversations between users and employers were started

Like between Theo and MVF, which landed Theo a cool job in a great place. Read the story here.

16. We shot 12 videos @ offices to give students a better understanding of what a company is really like

Because you need to know.

17. We launched Guide and added 34 useful, direct, and funny careers advice articles

18. 675 table tennis matches were played

Ping. Pong.

We hope you also had a fantastic year and wish you all the best for 2019 from all of us at HQ!

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