2017 has been one cra-zy year: the inauguration of Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the richest man in the world … for 4 hours, and in the first race between driverless cars one crashed and the other nearly ran over a dog. Despite this, 2017 has been a fantastic year for us. Here at Magnet.me HQ, we’ve looked back at the past year and translated into a 17 numbers that made our year

1. We've raised a €1,000,000 investment


2. We grew to become the no. 1 student careers site in the UK

(We have remained Number 1 in the Netherlands)

Number One

3. We treated outselves to 3 office massage sessions


4. We put up 2,789 posters on campuses


5. We celebrated our 5-year anniversary

Five Year Anniversary

6. We welcomed 1,242 students in our Exam Prep Cafe

Exam Prep Cafe

7. We’ve handed out 1,874 hot dogs on campus

Hot Dogs

8. We’ve delivered 568 student house boxes

House Box

9. We’ve welcomed 8 UK campus managers

Campus Managers

10. We’ve spread the Magnetlove to 35 university campuses

University Campus

11. We've written 479,000 lines of code


12. We’ve completed 7,865 laps of Mario Kart

Mario Kart

13. We’ve realised 2,360,000 connections between students and companies

Student and Companies

14. We’ve ordered 467 pizza’s


15. We’ve sent out 192 brownies to university careers centres!


16. We drank 1,248 beers (that we can remember)!


17. We’ve gone through 252kg of coffee beans!


We hope you also had a fantastic year and wish you all the best for 2018 from all of us at Magnet.me HQ!