Every student has thought of it at some point: what jobs can I actually end up with with after I finish my degree. We at Magnet.me have all questioned the same thing, and thought it would be good to shed some light on the fact that it’s not only about that piece of paper you get when you graduate.

Your parents have asked you, your friends have too, and even the voice within your head. What job can my degree actually get me?

Your degree is not everything that counts, on the contrary...

Sometimes falling into this question malarkey can make graduating and looking for a job slightly daunting. Nowadays employers definitely see your degree as important and worthy, but probably way less important than who you are as an individual, and the potential you’ve got to give!

If you really want to make it to the top, your actual degree is not the only thing that will get you there. Believe it or not, your personality, along with your skills and how you work is what an employer will give preference to, the degree may come second. That’s what we also believe here at Magnet.me, that connecting you with employers based on your profile and the person you are rather than looking at you as a degree is better - everyone can have a degree, but can everyone contribute to the company for the better, fit into the company culture and guarantee 100% performance? Check out which companies want to connect with you based on your profile, including, but not exclusively, your degree..

Yes, some graduate jobs & entry level jobs require a degree

Ok yes, some degrees are extremely subject specific and therefore easier to settle into the criteria of the roles more easily, i.e. Medicine. However many students pursue graduate jobs, entry level jobs and graduate schemes that match their personality, character and personal aims, not only their degree. You need to decide what you really want to do, and fit your degree around it so it’s relevant to any situation. When graduating the paper can seemingly take over everything – but don’t forget what’s truly important.