Almost every job requires communication through email. It’s a wonderful phenomenon that dates back to the 1970s. An american computer programmer, Ray Tomlinson, was the first to send an email to himself that contained the message ‘QWERTYIOP’ or something similar. Today, we send and receive an extensive amount of messages to people all over the world. Some formal, others not so formal. With the many different communication platforms today (including, it’s easy to forget basic do’s and don’ts in the emailing world. So here’s a quick refresher:

Be brief

Though sending and receiving messages is for free, there is a price: Time. Don’t waste people’s time with pages of fluff. Get to the point.

Use the subject line

This helps people determine the importance/urgency of the email and helps you when organizing emails into folders.

Manners aren’t optional

If you don’t know the person, write to them in a polite manner. When they respond you’ll be able to see the tone of the conversation.

Reply quickly

If you know the answer to an email, don’t set it aside for later. Get it over and done with!


Many hit send without giving their messages a second read but you’d be surprised at how much the quality of your email will improve after proof reading it first.

Be specific

Avoid asking questions when you can. For instance, instead of asking what time you should meet up, suggest a date and time yourself.

Avoid the panic moments

It takes 5 seconds to make sure you’re sending your email to the right person.

Make sure you’re sending from the right email address too.

Get the titles right

The biggest confusion when addressing a person formally is what titles to use. With men it’s simple: Mr. With women however, many mix up Miss, Mrs, and Ms. Go for Ms. It covers both married and unmarried.

Organize your Inbox

The content of your inbox most likely covers everything from newsletters to advertisements to emails that are actually important. Redirect recurring emails into a folder if you want to keep them. Or just unsubscribe!

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