In this blog, we will share our journey and the steps we take to enable people like you to grab the opportunities that will lead to a great start of their career.

We will present you with some useful tips on how you can optimally use (which we happen to know a lot about) and of course share our insights on the labour market with you. But let’s start this blog off by telling you our story and a bit of our philosophy.

We created based on our own experiences while exploring the labour market: a market crowded with intermediaries, unpersonal career websites and aggressive recruitment agencies. It just didn’t work well - yet. As a graduate, you only came into contact with big firms with even bigger recruitment budgets, who can afford attending a career fair, posting a vacancy on a career website, or hiring someone through a recruitment agency. These are not things a startup or small- or medium enterprise would do. We also noticed that on social media we were only following the companies we already knew. Result: you miss out on a lot of opportunities. Not that this would be your fault: you simply didn’t know…. And that’s exactly the problem, right there.

We believe that everyone should be able to attract all relevant opportunities, regardless of a firm’s recruitment budget or size. That is why we have stripped the recruitment process of all barriers (even the financial ones) and you automatically receive network requests of the companies that are interested in you, regardless if this is a multinational or a startup.

We are a young, dedicated and passionate team, that works hard every day to make an impact in people’s lives by providing them with opportunity and enabling them to land their dream job by creating an amazing product.

Two years after launching, our team did not only grow from 3 to 27 people, but we also became the leading career exploration tool in the Netherlands with over half of all Dutch university graduates having an account on Besides that, over 500 companies, from multinationals to startups, now use to get in touch with their future employees and interns. Regardless of what we have already accomplished, we are not quite there yet, because a lot of opportunities are still waiting to be unveiled to the right candidates. So you can still expect a lot from us and we will write about it here. So stay tuned!

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