ASSOCIATE PROGRAM - ADVISORY @ UL Transaction Security This Trainee Program has a strong analytical component, with a customer facing focus and provides you with a steep career path in (technical) consu...




Leiden, Netherlands

This Trainee Program has a strong analytical component, with a customer facing focus and provides you with a steep career path in (technical) consulting. Within one year, you will become a well-rounded consultant and an expert for our customers.

The Trainee Program gives you ‘the freedom to act and opportunity to learn’. From the start you will be involved in interesting projects in which you will have personal responsibilities and deliverables. You will be guided by your manager and a separate coach. You will build your network with assignments in different Service Lines, different markets (see below) and internationally (working preferably in two countries). Because of the open environment and the support from experienced colleagues, you’ll get the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and to evolve your growth path.

At UL’s Transaction Security Division, you will be working within Advisory and work together with your colleagues who are the front runners and thought leaders in transaction security. The Advisory team has five main markets: Banking, Payment Institutions, MNOs and OEMS, Transit and Governments. After the Trainee program, you will join one of these five teams, which best matches your interests after the Trainee Program.

Mobile & Payment Practice

The Mobile & Payment Practice is focused on the mobile and payment industries. We are involved in major Trusted Service Manager (TSM)/Near Field Communications (NFC) projects by guiding Mobile Network Operators and tier one banks through to successful implementation. Consultants in the Mobile & Payment Practice are experts on payment related technologies (EMV, Card Not Present, HCE, cloud payments and tokenization).

Transit Practice

The Transit Practice advices transport schemes, agencies and vendors to implement future-proof Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems and to help define the right stepping stones to integrate new technologies such as Mobile, NFC and Contactless Payment for transit. Consultants in the transit Practice are experts on electronic ticketing related technologies (AFC, ETC, Cloud Based Ticketing).

Data Security Practice

The Data Security Practice advices organizations in depth on electronic documents with chip like ePassports, the EU residence permit and driving licenses and its associated document issuance and document verification infrastructure. The Data Security Practice advices on electronic identification schemes to ensure that the right balance between privacy and authentication is maintained. Consultants in the Data Security Practice are experts on electronic identification and security related technologies.

Application Process

During the application process, we will determine if this steep learning curve matches your ambition and skills with two interviews rounds and an assessment day.

As a Trainee at UL TS, your work varies between technical roles (testing, requirement engineering, architecture, security, functional design) and business roles (business and impact analysis, business case development, functional specifications, audits).

The Trainee Program at UL TS is an entry level program of one year aimed at highly educated technical people with a drive to develop in a challenging, dynamic, technically innovative and international environment.


• Completed University or PhD level educational background in a technical area such as: Computer Science, Information Science, Physics, Mathematics, Innovation Management.

• Analytical, technical, communicative and result driven team player, with high ambitions and entrepreneurial skills.

• Has international experience (either working or studying in a different location) and likes working in cross-cultural settings.

• Flexibility (able to handle an innovative and fast-pace environment).

• Willing and able to travel internationally.


Interested to work for UL Transaction Security? Please send your CV and motivation letter (both in English) to the Recruitment department. You can do this by using the application form on the website.