Growth Hacker/Developer @ The Next Web The Next Web is growing at a fast pace currently and to keep up with our ambitions, we are in need for somebody who can keep on thinking outside of...

Growth Hacker/Developer

Growth Hacker/Developer


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Next Web is growing at a fast pace currently and to keep up with our ambitions, we are in need for somebody who can keep on thinking outside of the box to ‘hack' our growth. This role will have a high impact on the efficiency and the results of the marketing team by working on projects that are not part of our day to day stuff. But also to work on automating analysis and data retrieval so we can work more efficiently.

We have a lot of data available on our users, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! The key is connecting the data sets in the right way, because we know that 1 + 1 = 3. That’s why we’re taking the first steps in collecting the data in 1 place, but we’re not there yet to call this a real data ware house.

Currently we have over 350.000 subscribers on our email lists and over 6 million unique users. That makes a lot of data that we can use in a more efficient way to come up with new insights and tests to see what engages our users. On the other side we obviously want to grow these KPIs even more. Two perfect responsibilities for you to work on. One day you could be working on automating the analysis on our social media performance and the other day you can be asked to set up new tests for gathering more email addresses for our conferences.

How can we support you? In the marketing team you’ll be working a lot with the different project managers for our different projects. You work with them on finding new and innovative ways to reach their goals and think of new ways yourself as well. Our analytics team makes sure on a day to day basis that we’re looking at the right metrics but that we’re also collecting the right data to take it to the next level. The more we can analyse the beter insights we have on what to work on next obviously.

This makes it that you get to work with a lot of knowledgable people in social media, PPC, SEO, web analytics etc. By combining their skills you’ll learn along the way on how to best do this.


Grow our overall user base by running tests to collect more users and email addresses. Set up a scalable email marketing program, ready for more testing. Work on automating analysis and researches that our analytics team is working on. Work on the set up of our data ware house to make sure we can collect all data on our performance in 1 place. Who are you?

You’re very interested in (online) marketing, web analytics and programming. You’re familiar with A/B testing and are a very data driven person. You have good working experience with Google Analytics. You have experience in back-end programming with languages like: Ruby, PHP, Python. Preferably you have experience working with APIs. You’re very ambitious and love to think about solutions that don’t exist yet, you’re an innovative thinker. You live in Holland – we work in Amsterdam.