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Squarefield - People
Sophie van de Pas, Office Manager (Employee at Squarefield)

Sophie van de Pas

Office Manager

Sophie van de Pas joined the Squarefield team in July 2014 after... Show more
Edwin Nobels, Managing Partner (Employee at Squarefield)

Edwin Nobels

Managing Partner

Edwin Nobels is one of the founders of Squarefield. Prior to... Show more
Paul Huizinga, Director (Employee at Squarefield)

Paul Huizinga


Paul Huizinga joined Squarefield in November 2014 after gaining... Show more
Lukas Reiff, Analyst (Employee at Squarefield)

Lukas Reiff


Lukas Reiff joined Squarefield in 2016 after successfully... Show more
Laura Schimmel, Associate (Employee at Squarefield)

Laura Schimmel


Laura Schimmel joined Squarefield in April 2017. Prior to that,... Show more
Gino Soeriowardojo, Associate Partner (Employee at Squarefield)

Gino Soeriowardojo

Associate Partner

Gino Soeriowardojo joined the Squarefield team in early 2014.... Show more
Matthijs Dekker, Managing Partner (Employee at Squarefield)

Matthijs Dekker

Managing Partner

Matthijs Dekker is one of the founders of Squarefield. Matthijs... Show more
Pieter Bosch, Analyst (Employee at Squarefield)

Pieter Bosch


Pieter Bosch joined Squarefield in August 2015 after beginning his... Show more
Quirijn de Jonge, Analyst (Employee at Squarefield)

Quirijn de Jonge


Quirijn de Jonge joined Squarefield in 2016 after having gained... Show more

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