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Henk Peterse, Consultant (Employee at Spring Associates)

Henk Peterse


Henk is Consultant at Spring Associates. He joined the firm in... Show more
Charlotte Hardenbol, Associate (Employee at Spring Associates)

Charlotte Hardenbol


Charlotte is Associate at Spring. She studied Economics and... Show more
Pauline de Valk, Consultant (Employee at Spring Associates)

Pauline de Valk


Pauline is Consultant since she joined Spring in 2013. She... Show more
Hans Beukers, Principal (Employee at Spring Associates)

Hans Beukers


Hans Beukers is a Principal at Spring Associates. He rejoined... Show more
Florian Lokhorst, Principal (Employee at Spring Associates)

Florian Lokhorst


Florian, Principal at Spring Associates, joined the firm in 2007... Show more
Ebel Kemeling, Partner (Employee at Spring Associates)

Ebel Kemeling


Ebel Kemeling is Partner at Spring Associates since the... Show more
Lisette van Niekerk, Consultant (Employee at Spring Associates)

Lisette van Niekerk


Lisette, Consultant, holds a MSc. degree in Industrial Ecology and... Show more

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