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Paul Janssen, Director Consumer Packaging Goods North America (Employee at SKIM)

Paul Janssen

Director Consumer Packaging Goods North America

"SKIM offered me the opportunity to work for our office in the... Show more
Sarah Cunliffe, Research Manager (Employee at SKIM)

Sarah Cunliffe

Research Manager

"After graduating I started my career in SKIM's headquarters in... Show more
Stefan Ammerlaan, Senior Research Manager (Employee at SKIM)

Stefan Ammerlaan

Senior Research Manager

"I never thought I would stay this long (7 years), at one company,... Show more
Renate Cremer, Associate HR Manager (Employee at SKIM)

Renate Cremer

Associate HR Manager

What I like best about SKIM is the group of passionate people that... Show more
Nijat Mammadbayli, Research Analyst (Employee at SKIM)

Nijat Mammadbayli

Research Analyst

"After discovering passion to the Data Analysis I was lucky enough... Show more

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