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Shake-on - People
Jouri Schoemaker, Co-founder (Employee at Shake-on)

Jouri Schoemaker


An enormous enthusiastic entrepreneur with a... Show more
Anton de Bode, Co-founder (Employee at Shake-on)

Anton de Bode


Anton is the technical co-founder among us. He has a background in... Show more
Hussein Al-Tamimi, Finance (Employee at Shake-on)

Hussein Al-Tamimi


Hussein is the finance expert that makes sure we can conquer the... Show more
Eloi Garrido Barrabés, Embedded Systems Engineer (Employee at Shake-on)

Eloi Garrido Barrabés

Embedded Systems Engineer

Eloi is our Spanish superman in embedded systems engineering. He... Show more
Coen Roest, Embedded Systems Engineer (Employee at Shake-on)

Coen Roest

Embedded Systems Engineer

Coen is the only "young graduate" at Shake-on! As he is just... Show more
Babak Heydari, Founder (Employee at Shake-on)

Babak Heydari


Babak is the founder of Shake-on. He believes in opportunities, he... Show more
Menno van der Reek, Intern Embedded Systems (Employee at Shake-on)

Menno van der Reek

Intern Embedded Systems

Menno is our current trophy when it comes to the development of... Show more
Lizzy Burden, Sales (Employee at Shake-on)

Lizzy Burden


Lizzy is supporting us with a very important part of making a... Show more
Stefan Zwirs, Designer (Employee at Shake-on)

Stefan Zwirs


Stefan is our one and only designer that helps us stay sharp at... Show more
Joost Pluim, Developer (Employee at Shake-on)

Joost Pluim


Joost is the perfect guy for a start-up like Shake-on: a brilliant... Show more

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