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Pave - People
Simon Moore, Marketing Intern (Employee at Pave)

Simon Moore

Marketing Intern

From the first day to the last Pave took great care in developing... Show more
Robbie Griffey, Digital Marketing Intern (Employee at Pave)

Robbie Griffey

Digital Marketing Intern

Pave provided me with an incredible opportunity to develop my... Show more
Jayna Halai, Business and Travel Programme (Employee at Pave)

Jayna Halai

Business and Travel Programme

The business and travel programme was fantastic - I developed a... Show more
Thas Leemah Faradi, Social Enterprise Intern (Employee at Pave)

Thas Leemah Faradi

Social Enterprise Intern

I think this was a great opportunity for my future career... Show more
David Porter, Business Development Intern (Employee at Pave)

David Porter

Business Development Intern

The internship was fantastic - I developed a number of new skills... Show more
Luke Hope-Robertson, Social Media Intern (Employee at Pave)

Luke Hope-Robertson

Social Media Intern

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of Pave's internships in... Show more

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