Procurement Internship @ Mujjo - Chinese native @ Mujjo Vacancy Product development & Sourcing Internship @ Mujjo - Native Chinese Job description As our native Chinese product development & sourcing ass... Mujjo, Internship, Design, Venlo, Netherlands, Full-time, Production, Purchasing

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Production / Purchasing undefined at Mujjo  in Venlo

Procurement Internship @ Mujjo - Chinese native (Deleted)

Opportunity expired:
You can no longer apply for this opportunity.

Procurement Internship @ Mujjo - Chinese native (Expired)


Nedinscoplein 3, Venlo, Netherlands

20 weeks


Product development & Sourcing Internship @ Mujjo - Native Chinese

Job description

As our native Chinese product development & sourcing assistant/intern, you’ll be working on a daily basis on developing new products. You will be in contact with both potential manufacturers as well as manufacturers we’ve already worked with for a long time. You will learn how to get a product from scratch to the final stage, ready for the market. You’ll learn from and work directly with the founders of Mujjo.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Working together with the founders on developing new products
  • Daily communication with the manufacturers on ongoing projects
  • Sourcing and contacting potential manufacturers for future projects or improvement of the supply chain.
  • Daily communication with our Asia office based in Shenzhen.
  • Many other different tasks. Like any startup, all members of the team have a great deal of responsibility and variety of tasks.

Who are we looking for? (Job description)

We are looking for a native Chinese intern who is independent and speaks Chinese fluently and is willing to help bring the Mujjo brand to the next level, while learning valuable lessons about successful startups from its founder.

Your internship intentions / qualifications should include:

  • Having a “hands-on” mentality and willingness to work hard
  • You are persistent in delivering a good job and getting the best quality
  • Looking for an internship with responsibility
  • Ability to speak and write Chinese fluently
  • Ability to speak and write English moderately
  • You are a college or university student 
  • Wanting to learn from the founders of a successful startup
  • Great communication skills
  • Experienced with using Apple computers (preferred, but not required)
  • And of course, you love our brand

Language skills

It is very important for us that you speak and write Chinese fluently and English on a moderate level at least. Any additional languages are welcome.

We offer something special!

Mujjo will be one of the most casual working environments you will ever experience. We demand a lot, but there is plenty for you in return. We operate as a small team and you will work directly with the founders – gaining first-hand insights into how to run a successful start-up company. You will be given an opportunity to develop yourself within the internship period through a diverse range of tasks. Like any start-up, all members of the team carry a lot of responsibility and work across many areas. You will be part of that team. In short, we believe this is a brilliant internship in which you will be given plenty of opportunity to grow and develop your entrepreneurial skills. We have a relaxed yet ambitious working environment, where fun and hard work go hand in hand. As Mujjo intern you will receive an industry standard internship salary.

About Mujjo

Dutch design company Mujjo started out making knitted winter gloves that work on touchscreens. These proved a global success and have been featured in major publications around the world. In spring 2012, Mujjo announced their first collection of sleeves for Apple devices, featuring a unique combination of wool felt and high quality leather. The brand has grown fast and continues to evolve. All the while, Mujjo has maintained its passion for creating beautiful designs.

It’s part of our personalities to keep challenging ourselves and raising the bar daily. This doesn’t make things easy for us, but we simply don’t know how to do it any other way. We get satisfaction out of creating even better products and experiences – and we are proud to continuously improve the Mujjo brand.


We prefer a minimum of 5 months. However, the longer, the better! 


Please create a video (max 2 minutes) to introduce yourself and explain why we should definitely hire you as an intern. Use your creativity. Once complete, send the video + your CV via to tom [at] [mujjo\\\.com]( This way we make sure that offering you an internship is beneficial for both us and you. Don't forget to indicate in writing the exact period that you are available for the internship, the longer the better. 

Please be aware it is a requirement for non EU nationals that the internship has to be (a mandatory) part of your study program at a Dutch school/university.