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Mars - People
Marlie Joosten, Sales & Marketing Trainee (Employee at Mars)

Marlie Joosten

Sales & Marketing Trainee

Congratulations, you (almost) graduated! And with your freshly... Show more
Rianne Elizen, Engineering Trainee (Employee at Mars)

Rianne Elizen

Engineering Trainee

Why Mars? It gives you the opportunity to work in an international... Show more
Marie-louise Neelis, Finance Trainee (Employee at Mars)

Marie-louise Neelis

Finance Trainee

“Welcome to Mars, here’s your desk and here’s your team!” There... Show more
Bas Van Gameren, Corporate Recruiter (Employee at Mars)

Bas Van Gameren

Corporate Recruiter

As a full cycle recruiter I manage the complete recruitment... Show more
Ellen Joosten, Corporate Recruiter (Employee at Mars)

Ellen Joosten

Corporate Recruiter

In February I started my own story at Mars as an intern. During... Show more
Jaap van Erp, R&D Trainee (Employee at Mars)

Jaap van Erp

R&D Trainee

Working at the largest Chocolate Company of the world… To be... Show more
Lieuwe Cnossen, Supply Trainee (Employee at Mars)

Lieuwe Cnossen

Supply Trainee

I thought I had figured it out. At the end of my degree I had a... Show more
Tom de Smet, Talent Manager (Employee at Mars)

Tom de Smet

Talent Manager

In October 2014 I stepped in a whole new adventure. I moved from... Show more
Iris Maatman, Corporate Recruiter (Employee at Mars)

Iris Maatman

Corporate Recruiter

With a multidisciplinary focus I support Mars in finding the best... Show more

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