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Tim de Jonge, Associate (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Tim de Jonge


Tim joined M3 after the completion of his master’s degree in... Show more
Sander Streenstraten, Manager (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Sander Streenstraten


Sander joined M3 several years ago and is now one of two managers.... Show more
Eric Jan Pelt, Senior Manager (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Eric Jan Pelt

Senior Manager

Eric Jan joined M3 after a career in operations and management... Show more
Martin Mommersteeg, Partner (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Martin Mommersteeg


Martin is the founder of M3. His motivation is the tangible parts... Show more
Bas Ceulemans, Associate (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Bas Ceulemans


Bas is the latest addition to the team. After studying Aerospace... Show more
Marco Heimensem, Manager (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Marco Heimensem


Marco joined M3 5-years ago after the completion of a Mechanical... Show more
Barry Hoogendoorn, Senior Manager (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Barry Hoogendoorn

Senior Manager

Barry joined M3 after years working as a consultant. He finds... Show more
Erwin Matthijssen, Partner (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Erwin Matthijssen


Erwin joined M3 shortly after it was founded. He likes the... Show more
Tim van Pelt, Associate (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Tim van Pelt


Tim joined the team 1-year ago after studying Operations... Show more
Arjan van Moorsel, Partner (Employee at M3 Consultancy)

Arjan van Moorsel


Arjan came to M3 as an experienced manager with broad consultancy... Show more

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